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Property Depreciation Specialists

DEPPRO Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading property depreciation company, specialising solely in the preparation of tax depreciation reports for residential, commercial, industrial and leisure investment properties. With more than 12 years' experience, we offer access to a multidisciplinary team with industry-leading skills in property depreciation. Our highly trained staff service clients’ taxation needs in all areas of investment property ownership and management with a personalised, affordable and rapid service.    More

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1300 888 489

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Regional Visits

Contact our Customer Service hotline on 1300 888 489 from anywhere in Australia to find out when DEPPRO experts are visiting your local area.

Upcoming Regional Visits:

HOBART - Monday 2nd of February, contact Vanessa on 03 9826 6188 for more details.


"In my experience, DEPPRO offers a personal and professional service along with a comprehensive report, which appears to meet the criteria of the Australian Taxation Office.

I would have no hesitation in referring my clients to DEPPRO. "

Vince Fayad

Lawler Corporate Finance